Privacy Policy for comostalkear

In the case you need more detailed information or have any inquiries regarding our privacy policy, you can get in touch with us any time.

In relation to comostalkear, our usersĀ“ privacy has extreme significance to us and results imperative. So, in details this privacy policy file traces the different sorts of personal information that is obtained and gathered by and how it can be utilized by the platform.

In the same way many other different websites do, comostalkear uses log procedures to record behavior and functioning of the platform. For example, the recorded info in the log documents includes addresses related to IP or internet protocols, browser types, ISP or Internet Service Provider, date and time, browsing history, as well as number of clicks to obtain behavior and trends, site management, tracking of usersĀ“ movement inside the page, along with geographic info. Of course, IP addresses and other delicate information are not linked data that can be recognizable.

Also, comostalkear uses Cookies technology to save data about preferences different users have, regarding logs on specific information like webs of interests, searches and browsing history that is produced by such users. Therefore, the platform can be adapted in terms of content or any other data, which is sent through the utilized browser.

Google as a third party provider utilizes cookies to serve ads on comostalkear. Like this, the use of DART cookies by Google allows it to show specific and one of a kind ads to users, in terms of which pages they have visits and also at comostalkear. Nonetheless, visitors can choose to use DART cookies by visiting the Google ad and private policy contained on this URL address: Also, some of the advertising partners in comostalkear can use web beacons and cookies on the site, being one of the advertising partners of ours Google Adsense.

In detail, ad servers or networks from these third parties vendors utilize technology to produce the ads and links shown on comostalkear, which are sent to you through the browser you are using and like this they get your IP address at the same time. Of course, other technologies like JavaScript, cookies and web beacons may also be used by third party ad servers and networks, in order to register and measure the impact of the ads or custom the advertised content to show.

As a disclaimer, comostalkear does not have any access to these cookies or their control that are being used by third party ad servers and networks.

In case of any doubt, you can check the privacy policies these third party ad servers have, in order to obtain a more deep info about what they do, as well as directives on how to disable certain procedures. Remember, the privacy policy referred directly to comostalkear cannot be applied in this case, since our website is unable to control activities and private policies belonging to other pages and ad servers.

If you want to disable cookies use or any other technology to adapt and track content and behavior, you can do so by modifying the settings on your browser related to cookies and privacy. If you need more info, feel free to visit the specific web page of the browser you are using, in order to know how to disable cookies and more settings.